The Time Cruisers
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About Us

Bill is the lead guitarist has been playing guitar since he was in high school. He currently teaches guitar and performs all over the Salt Lake valley. He sings the Elvis songs for the band and strongly believes that the Day the Music Died was sometime in the late 60's.

Dieter plays drums and sings lead and backup vocals. He also plays guitar, mandolin, keyboards, bass, and harmonica, just not all at the same time. He and Bill have been friends since elementary school and have been in several bands together.

Rick stars as the rhythm guitarist and sings lead vocals on many of the songs the band performs.

Ralph is the bass player and sings backup vocals. He started playing folk music in the 60's and then moved to bass guitar in a garage band (you remember those). His first bass guitar was a St George (try and find one of those today) and he played through a borrowed amp until the money started rolling in (tongue firmly planted in cheek) and he was able to buy his own amp and a better bass. He performed with the Grandland Singers in the early 70's and has enjoyed performing for many years.